High-quality Recruitment Services

Payroll and Labour Compliance Services Simplified

Aaditas HR Advisory Services has partnered with Temp-Let HR Consultancy to provide specialized Talent Acquisition/high quality recruitment solutions for helping companies overcome the challenge of recruiting the right talent in time. Temp-Let can help our clients to recruit highly-qualified candidates through a seamless, professional recruitment process.

We have partnered with Temp-Let HR Consultancy for providing payroll processing and labour compliance services. These services help our clients to meet the highly complex employment compliance requirements in India.

Talent Acquisition Search - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Talent Acquisition Search

Temp-Let Human Captial helps in ‘mass customized hiring’ and entry-level resourcing to build the client’s team and structure through fresh talent. Temp-Let also specializes in recruiting most qualified candidates for the ‘middle and senior-level roles’ at our clients’ organizations.

Payroll Compliances - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Payroll Compliances

Temp-Let HR Consultancy provides payroll services and statutory labour compliance services to ensure that employees’ salaries are accurately computed and prepared for timely payment. Experts maintain accounts and file timely returns for PF, Gratuity, and ESIC benefits.

Labour Compliances - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Labour Compliances

Temp-Let HR Consultancy conducts an audit of the payroll and employment records of clients to identify all the gaps in terms of compliance, specified under all the applicable labour laws of India. Their teams proceed to remedy the weak areas in order to make the organization compliant with all statutes and labour laws.


Temp-LetRecruitment Firm

TempLet - HR Recruitment Staffing Talent Acquisition Services

Specialised recruitment services company to provide quality talent acquisition services to companies.

Other Services

Customized HR Consulting Services for Competitive Advantage

HR Operations - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

HR Operations

We serve as an extension of your in-house HR department to manage employment documentation, induction and on-boarding of staff, attendance, and leave management to meet your routine/recurring HR needs.

HR Advisory Services - HR Employee Management - HR Agency India

HR Advisory Services

Our specialized HR advisors offer bespoke HR consulting services to effectively address people issues in your organization – from employment laws, sorting employee relations, and dealing with redundancy/downsizing.

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace - POSH Act Awareness Training - Aaditas HR Advisory

POSH Act Training

Our POSH Act training is an orientation program on The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (“colloquially known as POSH Act “). Your employees will receive hands-on training to meet their obligations under the POSH Act. This program creates the necessary awareness within employees between the ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ conduct at workplace.
HR Engineering Services - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Engineering Services

We build your organization’s HR infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your organization. We can also evaluate your organization’s HR function to determine how to help your organization in achieving its strategic objectives. Our HR consultants in India ensure that you develop the right HR initiatives to focus on daily activities.
HR Policies and Employee Handbook - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Policies and Employee Handbook

Our professional HR engineering team compiles the key HR policies and procedures manual first. We then prepare the employee handbook in conjunction with the prevailing policies and procedures, in line with the applicable laws.

Employee Engagement Activities - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Engagement Activities

Count on us to plan and deliver a fun-based, memorable employee engagement experience virtually or in-office with lasting results!
Our activities help to strengthen the professional bond between employees, improve their camaraderie at workplace and to thoroughly understand the individual skill sets.